Joshua Tree



A month ago I left Los Angeles and moved to a desert town called Joshua Tree. The house I’m living in is on the border of the national park and I have endless hiking trails, mountains to climb, I share my land with like a hundred different animals (I’ve already seen 3 rattle snakes), I have a sweet new motorcycle that I can ride anywhere, and I brought all my instruments and recording gear. For four months I will be alone, and I’m using this time to grow closer to myself as I create my 2nd album.

This is not an escape. I am here because I realize that Los Angeles is a distraction from the only thing that will ever bring me fulfillment: loving myself. Everything else is just breadcrumbs, and no matter how much I eat I’ll never be satisfied.

Here are a few things I’ve learned so far:

-Loneliness isn’t the state of being alone; it’s the desire for distraction that comes when we are scared of ourselves. I don’t feel lonely anymore, I feel free when I’m alone.

-Loving yourself is the most unselfish thing you can do, because the more you love yourself the more you feel connected to everything and everyone and the more you genuinely care for it all.

-My personality and identity was influenced greatly by the validation and attention of my friends. Being alone, the only person validating me is myself, and it has been so fun to discover who I am when there’s no one around to tell me who I am.

-Cooking is not easy, but it’s more fun than cleaning

-Riding a motorcycle and performing at electric forest have been the two greatest thrills of my life thus far

-Life is better with no clothes on

-Creating and expressing anything, whether it’s music or ideas or thoughts, are the second greatest gifts we have as human beings. The first is love.

So unfortunately I don’t have skilled photographers around taking cool pictures of me, so I won’t have many pictures for the next few months, but I finally started using Snapchat, and you can follow my journey on there (@ithinkimcrashin).



—July 28, 2016



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